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All Dead, All Dead

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I still enjoy secular music, even harder rock. However, my all-time favorite band (who could rock hard when they wanted to) is Queen. I try to be careful about what secular songs I listen to. For instance, Queen's "Get Down, Make Love" is off limits, so too Joan Jett's catchy "Do You Wanna' Touch Me". The lyrics of those songs make them something a good Christian boy shouldn't be listening to.

Sometimes, however, you find secular song lyrics that inspire a good Christian thinking session. On my way to work yesterday I decided to get nostaligic with some older Queen, so I popped "News of the World" into the CD player. I hadn't listened to some of those songs in quite some time, including the song "All Dead, All Dead". It's a song about two young lovers. The female dies and the male is left to struggle with the memories and what could have been. Sample lyrics:

All dead all dead
All the dreams we had
And I wonder why I still live on
All dead, all dead
And alone I'm spared
My sweeter half instead
All dead, and gone

While listening to this song yesterday I was struck by what comes near the end of the song. I'd forgotten all the lyrics, so while I was reminded of them as I listened, I don't know that I ever truly grasped this part of the song, and how I can relate to it as a Christian (though it was probably not written in that spirit):

All dead, all dead
But I should not grieve
In time it comes to ev'ryone
All dead, all dead
But in hope I breathe
Of course I don't believe
You're dead, and gone
All dead, and gone

As Christians we believe in the resurrection of Christ, and so too that because we possess faith in Him we will also be resurrected. Thus Paul asks, "O death, where is thy sting?" Christ conquered death and damnation for all who believe in faith in Him. Of course we grieve the loss of others, even when we know they believed in Jesus Christ and so were saved. We know they are better off, but we still hurt. However, as the lyrics above say, it is in hope that we breathe. Our hope is part of our faith; we trust and hope in the promises of God. Also as in the lyrics above, when a believer dies we don't believe they are truly dead. After all, we trust in God to be true to His word, and He has promised that all those who believe in Him are saved and will be resurrected to be with Him forever. '

If you trust in Jesus Christ and believe in your heart that He is God the Son who died to pay atonement for your sins, and that He was resurrected and lives, you shall be saved. In time, death does indeed come to everyone, but we who live by faith know that while those who belong to Christ may die, they are not all dead and gone. In hope we breathe, in God we trust and in Christ we believe.


Written by Shawn

May 15, 2006 at 4:01 pm

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