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The power of the e-Sword

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Yesterday I installed e-Sword, a free software program. To call e-Sword a Bible program would be less than fair. Not only is it that, it’s also a study program for the Christian faith. The basic e-Sword download comes with the King James translation, complete with Strong’s numbers and the words of Christ in red text. It also comes with Strongs Bible dictionary. However, there are a myriad of other files that can be added to the basic program, all of which is free (there are a handful which cost but most are free, including some user-contributed files). Allow me to list the components that I installed with the basic e-Sword program:

  1. Young’s Literal Translation of the Bible
  2. John Darby’s commentary
  3. John Gill’s commentary
  4. Matthew Henry’s commentary (the big one; the concise version is also available)
  5. The NET (New English Translation); a deal between the NET Bible folks and e-Sword
  6. The NET notes (which are extensive indeed)
  7. Thayer’s Greek definitions
  8. Rev. Clarence Larkin’s charts
  9. 2000+ Bible illustrations
  10. 9 volumes of the Ante-Nicene fathers
  11. Encyclopedia of Bible facts
  12. Philip Schaff’s “History of the Christian Church”
  13. Spurgeon’s “Morning and Evening” devotions
  14. A.W. Pink, collection #1
  15. Three studies of John Piper

Great stuff….and totally free! Plus, e-Sword has functions for Scripture memory verses, tracking prayer requests, comparing Bible translations, paralleling translations, creating your own study or topic notes a much, much more. It’s a fantastic program. I prefer the NASB, but you have to pay the Lockman Foundation a fee to unlock that download. Since I’m not fond of the KJV I’m glad the NET Bible folks have allowed it to be available with e-Sword. You have to go to and register for free to get it (and the notes), but it’s worth the slight effort. If you desire a solid software program for the Bible (and more) that has numerous options–and is FREE–give e-Sword a try.


Written by Shawn

March 3, 2006 at 2:16 pm

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