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My youngest son, Noah, only turned 4 last month. As small kids are prone to do he sometimes says funny things. Here are a few of the most recent:

“Daddy, look how pounds I am!” (after stepping onto the bathroom scale)

“Daddy, look how monies I have.” (after pulling a $1 bill from his pocket)

This past weekend our sons’ cousins, who are twins, spent the night. They are a bit older than my oldest, Devin (who is eight) and so when they visit Noah tends to get left out. I had worked until 3 a.m. so in the morning my wife had stressed to the kids to keep the noise down while I was sleeping. After I woke up she took a nap and so I again stressed to the kids to keep the noise down. Shortly afterward, Noah descended the stairs, crying.

“Daddy, is ‘ticked’ a bad word?”
I said it was not, and that it meant being angry
“Well Mom’s gonna’ be ticked at the kids for singing so loud!”

When Devin was about a year-and-a-half old he pronounced kitchen as “chicken”. My wife, Lisa, tried to get him to say it properly.
Lisa: “Ki-ki-kitchen”
Devin: “Ki-ki-chicken”

Noah used to pronounce the color yellow as “ye-yo”. Both boys finally figured out how to say the words correctly. These little incidents not only bring laughter to the household, they help us remember how blessed we are. In a similar way, we were once “kids” in the kingdom of God when we first believed. As we nurture and raise our own biological children, God nurtures and raises His spiritual children in the faith. The joy that our own children can bring is wonderful, and we count the good with the bad as a blessing. Sometimes it does us well to remember how pleased we are with our own children when they do as taught, and behave as instructed. Simply put, we are thrilled when it happens, and we wish it happened all the time, right? In the same way, God is pleased with us when we do as taught and behave as instructed, and He desires that we do so all the time. I realize that kids won’t be perfect, and God knows we won’t be either. But the next time one of my children warms my heart by doing what he has been taught to do I hope it jars my brain and reminds me to do likewise for my Lord and Savior.


Written by Shawn

February 22, 2006 at 8:08 pm

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  1. In an unrelated story involving the word “kitchen”, one time when we moved we were given some boxes from a neighbor, who had used them to move to where we were leaving. Our neighbor had labeled the boxes so as to know what room the contents would go in without having to open the box. However, she did not know how to spell. The box for the kitchen had 2-3 attempts to spell the word crossed out before she had finally gotten it right, which was not crossed out. The problem was that it still wasn’t spelled correctly. We got a good laugh from it. If memory serves me correctly, we used that box for kitchen items ourselves.


    February 22, 2006 at 8:16 pm

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